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Portfolio update December 2021

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Deep-dive 2021-25: Hanssem

Borrowing ideas from funds, part 3

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Potential Omicron beneficiaries

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Deep-dive 2021-24: Fairwood

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Six contrarian bets in Hong Kong

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Portfolio update November 2021

Deep-dive 2021-23: Sempio Foods

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Will China become socialist again?

Singapore residential property

11 Questions with "Hide not Slide"

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Borrowing ideas from funds, part 2

Reader question: The Bank of Kyoto?

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Borrowing ideas from funds, part 1

Deep-dive 2021-22: Daiichi Kosho

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Deep-dive 2021-21: Multi Bintang

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Deep-dive 2021-20: Pakuwon Jati

Mapping the Indonesian property market

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Inside the mind of a bear

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Deep-dive 2021-19: Ultrajaya Milk

Reader question: Ping An Insurance?

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A dozen Japanese vaccination bets

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Deep-dive 2021-18: Pico Far East

Reader question: Sony?

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Mass-market clothing stocks

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Deep-dive 2021-17: TravelSky

Mapping the Asian tobacco industry

12 Questions with nipponNuggets

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Deep-dive 2021-16: Jardine Cycle & Carriage

A/H-share discounts

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Investor perspectives on pre-crisis Asia

12 Questions with Daniel Tabbush

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The listed toll road universe

Deep-dive 2021-15: Okamoto

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Reader question: Tencent?

The best retail broker for Asia

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Deep-dive 2021-14: A2 Milk Company

Reader question: Nintendo?

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10 Questions with Aaron Pek

Condom manufacturing in Asia

Revisiting past ideas

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Mapping Asia's casino industry

Deep-dive 2021-13: Bloomberry Resorts

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Buybacks across Asia

Samsung is in a crucial transition

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Major themes for 2022

Deep-dive 2021-12: QAF

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Upstream oil & gas industry map

Speculation in 1980s Taiwan

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The implications of B.1.617.2 (Delta)

Deep-dive 2021-11: En-Japan

Delfi tasting session

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Mapping the Asian dairy industry

China's housing market is unbalanced

Q&A with Delfi Ltd

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Deep-dive 2021-10: United Plantations

The East Asian development model

Insider buying across Asia

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Thriving as a commodity trader

China's business cycle will soon peak

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Deep-dive 2021-9: BAT Malaysia

EV market predictions

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Can foreign companies succeed in China?

Korea's stock market is a bubble

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"I'm a new investor. Where do I begin?"

The Asian travel recovery trade

Deep-dive 2021-8: Genki Sushi

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US sanction removal bets

Simple tricks to spot fraud

Deep-dive 2021-7: Delfi Ltd

Asia links 1 Apr 2021: Xi vs Chun, Asian IPOs, Thai tourism

Asia links 25 Mar 2021: Answering reader questions

Deep-dive 2021-6: China Unicom

Mapping Asia's defense industry

Asia links 18 Mar 2021: HK farmland, Korean fintech, demographics

Asia links 11 Mar 2021: NPC, Shanghai, capital flight

Deep-dive 2021-5: Sanrio Company, Ltd

Asia links 4 Mar 2021: Chinese SOEs, Indonesia's omnibus law, Korean property

Asia links 25 Feb 2021: Macau casinos, vaccine roll-out, Indonesian property

Deep-dive 2021-4: Ichigo Hotel REIT Investment Corporation

Asia links 18 Feb 2021: Rare earths, Chinese fraud, property management stocks

Asia links 11 Feb 2021: Korean teenage speculators, Burmese stocks, Indian games

Deep-dive 2021-3: Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad

Asia links 4 Feb 2021: Malaysian speculation, C-REITs, second-hand goods trading apps

Protecting your capital during a war

Asia links 28 Jan 2021: Alibaba, Biden, leisure travel

Deep-dive 2021-2: SBS Transit Ltd

Asia links 21 Jan 2021: China's "second wave", southbound flows, Biden reversing sanctions

Asia links 14 Jan 2021: US Framework for the Indo-Pacific, Chinese property bubble, oil price vs oil stocks

Deep-dive 2021-1: Dairy Farm

10 things I learned from Ian Easton's book "The Chinese Invasion Threat"

Asia links 7 Jan 2021: RCEP, Chinese telecoms, Asian cinema