Monday morning links

Asian stock ideas

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  • I wrote a deep-dive on Indonesian dairy company Ultrajaya Milk (IDX: ULTJ — US$1.1 billion)

  • I wrote a post weighing the bull & bear cases for Ping An Insurance (SEHK: 2318 — US$81 billion) ($)

  • Punch Card Investor on e-commerce stock Sea Ltd (Part 1) (NYSE: SE — US$188 billion)

  • A quick note on Kazakhstan uranium miner KazAtomprom from the “searching 4 value” blog (LSE: KAP — US$10.2 billion). Also note this comment from the company’s Chief Commercial Officer.

Long-form writing

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Podcasts and videos

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  • Howard Marks discussing market cycles (1:08 hours)

  • Ex-housing bear John Paulson interviewed by David Rubinstein (24 mins)

  • Mark Spitznagel is bearish (and selling a new book) (26 mins)

  • China-based tech analyst Dan Wang explains the tech crackdown (49 mins)

  • SCMP tech journalist John Artman discussing China’s tech regulation (1:05 hours)

  • Angelica Oung from the Taiwan-focused Taipology Substack on the Compounding Curiosity podcast (45 mins)

  • Asianometry: How Chinese state-owned Tsinghua Unigroup tried to roll up overseas semiconductor IP (15 mins)

  • Peter Zeihan: Why has the PRC not taken Taiwan? (5 mins)

  • Mike Green interviewing Louis Gave discussing Chinese politics on Real Vision TV (1:25 hours) ($)

Chart of the week – China’s excess reserve ratio has started ticking up

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a great week ahead!

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