Monday morning links

Asian stock ideas

  • I did a deep-dive on Japanese household products and industrial materials producer Okamoto Industries, best known for its premium condoms (TSE: 5122 — US$700 million)

  • Wedgewood Partners 2Q21 letter discussing portfolio holding TSMC (TWSE: 2330 — US$541 billion)

  • Ensemble Fund’s 2Q21 letter discussing Nintendo (TSE: 7974 — US$64 billion)

  • A merger arb idea in SOHO China (SEHK: 410 — US$2.7 billion)

  • The Offshore Strat Substack wrote a post on Indonesian herbal medicine manufacturer SIDO (IDX: SIDO — US$1.6 billion)

  • Nippon Nuggets on Japanese online marketplace Makuake (TSE: 4479 — US$752 million)

  • The shortest write-up ever: I wrote a tweet with 45 words on HK restaurant operator Tang Palace (SEHK: 1181 — US$120 million)

Long-form writing

Podcasts and videos

  • A rare interview with Steve Mandel on his investment strategy (1:10 hours)

  • Stan Druckenmiller warns of dire consequences of fiscal deficits (8 mins)

  • Russell Napier on his new book about the Asian Financial Crisis (53 mins)

  • Maurits Pot of Dawn Global on investing in emerging markets (34 mins)

  • Economist editor Mike Bird discussing politics and China / HK property (51 mins)

  • Short-seller Dan David on China’s crackdown on its tech companies (7 mins)

  • Oil expert Daniel Yergin on the prospects for oil in the next century (56 mins)

Chart of the week – Billionaires by country in Asia from 1996 to 2015

Picture of the week - Sunny Singapore

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a great week ahead!

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