Monday morning links

Biden and Japan prime minister Suga confirmed their commitment to a US-Japan alliance to counter an increasingly assertive PRC.

Pfizer accepted Japan’s request to supply additional doses and Japan now has enough doses to vaccinate all residents 16 and older by the end of September.

China plans to approve its first foreign COVID-19 vaccine by July.

Thailand will limit alcohol, convenience store hours and shut down schools to combat the virus.

In Korea, the webtoons subsidiary of Kakao could be seeking a NASDAQ listing at an incredible US$18 billion valuation.

Korea will lift the short-selling ban on 3 May on a gradual basis.

And Apple is releasing new products from tomorrow onwards, which will a major impact across Asian tech supply chains.

Asian stock ideas

  • I wrote a report on Japanese conveyor belt sushi chain Genki Sushi ($) (TSE: 9828 — US$211 million)

  • Alexander Eliasson’s Substack on Kazakhstan tech stock Kaspi (LSE: KSPI — US$15 billion)

  • Columbia Business School Value Investing program student on Sea Ltd (NYSE: SE— US$129 billion)

  • Teddy Okuyama on Japanese small-cap software stocks G-NEXT (TSE: 4179 — US$78 million) and Yappli (TSE: 4168 — US$567 million)


Podcasts and videos

  • Leland Miller is optimistic about a strong economic recovery in China (4 mins)

  • Famed short-seller Kurt Feshbach tells old war stories from the 1980s (1:26 hours)

  • Ex Ziff Bro’s Yen Liow talks about how he’s structured his hedge fund (1:15 hours)

  • Singaporean private investor Kelvin Seetoh discussing growth stocks (1:13 hours)

  • China Tech Investor discussing newly listed Wikipedia-clone Zhihu (36 mins)

Chart of the week – Chinese corporate bond yields rising as investors worry Beijing may allow some SOEs to fail

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