Monday morning links

G-7 agreed on a new infrastructure plan to counter China's Belt and Road Initiative.

The US Senate passed a bill to address the China tech threat. Meanwhile, China passed a law to counter foreign sanctions that could put family members of overseas businesspeople at risk.

China will take the collection of land sales income out of the hands of local governments and into the coffers of the central government in what is in effect a centralisation of power.

A new study by Chinese recruitment site Zhaopin found that 43% of graduating students said state-owned enterprises were their top choice for a job compared to just 19% for the private sector.

China’s offshore wind power operator Three Gorges Renewables rose +44% following its mainland IPO as investors clamour for cleantech stocks.

South Korea’s President Moon Jae-In will likely pardon Samsung’s third-generation JY Lee from his 2.5-year prison sentence.

SoftBank is considering investing US$700 million in India’s Flipkart in what seems to be a pre-IPO round.

On 9 June, a PLA Weibo account depicted military rockets being fired beside the words “prepare for war”.

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  • Asian Century Stocks on Singaporean bakery company QAF (SGX:QAF — US$423 million) ($)

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Chart of the week – Korea’s margin debt has quadrupled in just 14 months

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