Monday morning links

Xi Jinping has picked his right-hand man Liu He to lead China’s chip-making ambitions.

China has approved another $10 billion in yearly outflows, perhaps to manage the appreciation of its currency.

In the latest IMD World Competitiveness Ranking, Singapore and HK dropped while China and Taiwan rose in their relative rankings.

Hong Kong opposition newspaper Apple Daily has had its assets frozen and will most likely go bankrupt within the next few weeks.

Li Ka-Shing’s son Richard Li’s insurance roll-up “FWD” is planning a US IPO.

Japan is easing some COVID restrictions ahead of the Tokyo Olympics.

South Korea will open up its border to Chinese tourists as long as they have been vaccinated.

Philippines Rodrigo Duterte confirmed that he might be open to becoming Vice President following the election in 2022.

More than 350 doctors and medical workers in Indonesia caught COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated with Sinovac. Meanwhile, more than 50 medical workers in Vietnam were also infected despite being vaccinated with AstraZeneca.

Indonesia is planning a massive boost in defence spending as China tensions rise.

Asian stock ideas

  • NipponNuggets on Japanese software stock Albert (TSE:3906 — US$236 million)

Long-form writing

Podcasts and videos

  • A rare interview with Point72’s Steve Cohen (43 mins)

  • Marc Faber on the countries and asset classes that he sees value in (26 mins)

  • Mark Mobius discussing Indian equities (19 mins)

  • New York Times on how Apple has become dependent on China (33 mins)

  • Dan David interviews Crocker Coulson, who in a previous life brought many Chinese companies to US markets through reverse take-overs (1:22 hours)

  • Asianometry YouTube channel on China’s battery giant CATL (20 mins)

Chart of the week – BofA survey: long commodities has become the most crowded trade

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