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The Asian Century Stocks logotype “百” stands for “one hundred” or a “century”. The economic centre of gravity is moving towards Asia. Yet most global investors are missing out.

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My name is Michael Fritzell. I am a Swedish citizen, living in Asia since 2009. I have a Master’s Degree in Finance from a top university, passed the CFA in 2010 and have worked in the industry for over 15 years, most of which in Asia.

Writing Asian Century Stocks is my full-time job and passion. My job is to serve you and nobody else.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a financial advisor. Asian Century Stocks uses information sources believed to be reliable, but their accuracy cannot be guaranteed. The information contained in this publication is not intended to constitute individual investment advice and is not designed to meet your personal financial situation. The opinions expressed in such publications are those of the publisher and are subject to change without notice. You are advised to discuss your investment options with your financial advisers, whether any investment is suitable for your specific needs. I may, from time to time, have positions in the securities covered in the articles on this website.

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