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The COVID-19 infection rate is getting out of control in Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Indian variant B.1.617 seems a lot more transmissible, can also infect vaccinated individuals and can also lead to symptomatic infections among children.

New lockdowns in Singapore and Taiwan led their stock markets into a tailspin. Transport stocks and banks suffered while grocery stocks rallied.

Chinese housing prices grew at the fastest pace in eight months at 0.48% MoM, compared to 0.41% MoM as speculators try to hedge themselves against rising global inflation.

The Hong Kong government has unveiled a REIT subsidy plan to compete with Singapore’s and Japan’s REIT markets.

Commodity prices are starting to fall back to earth, and many are asking themselves whether it’s driven by a peak in China’s credit cycle. Or is China’s stockpiling of commodities decelerating?

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Chart of the week – Tech ETF market share has started to drop

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