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During the Chinese Communist Party’s 100th anniversary, Xi Jinping commented that:

“Anyone who dares try to [bully the nation] will have their heads bashed bloody against the Great Wall of steel forged by over 1.4 billion Chinese people.”


“We seek to settle the Taiwan issue in order to complete the nation’s reunification.”

China’s home rental prices rose by their fastest in over 2 years.

Gaming revenues in Macau rose for the fifth straight month in June. Macau’s and Hong Kong’s borders will open in mid-July with no quarantine needed.

Hong Kong banned all incoming flights from the UK, allegedly due to the Delta variant of COVID-19 but possibly also related to a surge in emigration to the UK.

Indonesia faces a second wave of the COVID-19 (Delta variant) and is now imposing restrictions in Java and Bali.

Malaysia issued new digital banking licenses last Wednesday.

Japan’s defence minister Yasuhide Nakayama called on Japan’s allies to recognise Taiwan as a country.

South Korean biotech firms have joined forced to co-develop a homegrown mRNA vaccine with production starting next year.

Notable IPOs: China’s ride-hailing company Didi, South PUBG developer Krafton, Korean Internet bank KakaoBank, biotech company Hutchmed, China bubble tea company Nayuki

Asian stock ideas

  • Yet Another Value Blog discussing the Huya / Douyu spread trade (NYSE:HUYA — US$2.2 billion) / (NASDAQ:DOYU — US$1.0 billion)

  • Searching 4 Value on Japan’s Shinoken (JASDAQ:8909 — US$381 million)

  • Core Convictions Substack on JD Logistics (SEHK:2618 — US$33 billion)

  • Koneko Research on China’s Newater (NASDAQ:NEWA — US$37 million) merger arb

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Chart of the week – Migration of inventors for each country, 2000-2010

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