Monday morning links

Asian stock ideas

  • The ValueTeddy Substack makes the case that Chinese tech company Sohu is worth buying in anticipation of the privatisation of its key holding Sogou (NASDAQ: SOHU — US$781 million)

  • Wolfpack Research issued a short idea report for the Chinese online advertising company Moxian (NASDAQ: MOXC — US$345 million)

Long-form writing

Podcasts and videos

  • Carson Block provides his view on China’s crackdown on tech (25 mins)

  • Leland Miller of China Beige Book on the regulatory crackdown (9 mins)

  • Kendra Schaefer on Didi and China’s regulatory ambitions (1:06 hours)

  • Another interview with Russell Napier on the Asian Financial Crisis (34 mins)

  • Vivek Viswanathan on investing in Chinese A-shares (48 mins)

  • Andy Ho of VinaCapital’s “Vietnam Opportunity Fund” on Vietnam (40 mins)

Chart of the week – Internet stocks as % of MSCI China down to 41% from 49% in October 2020

Picture of the week - Orchard road in Singapore’s shopping district last Saturday night

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a great week ahead!

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