Monday morning links

I wrote a report on how Hong Kong stocks: what investors are worried about and six companies that I find interesting.

Technical analyst Jason Goepfert made a comment that Chinese tech stocks have become among the most hated of any sector.

Significant insider buying for Fatima Fertilizer in Pakistan. The fertilizer market is in a bull phase right now, and the stock trades at 4x P/E and 7.5% dividend yield.

Surprising comment on Philippine shopping malls in Wickhams Hills’ latest under-the-radar report: “Foot traffic was back at pre-delta levels”.

  • Punch Card Investor released the fourth instalment on his deep-dive on Sea Ltd (SE US — US$172 billion)

(Largest new programs as % of market cap; min market cap: US$50m)

  1. Fujikura Composites (13%) (5121 JP — US$172 million)

  2. Infroneer Holdings (9%) (5076 JP — US$2.6 billion)

  3. Southern Concrete (8%) (SCP TB — US$50 million)

  4. Japan Foundation Engineering (6%) (1914 JP — US$146 million)

  5. Megachips (6%) (6875 JP — US$986 million)

(Largest over past 7 days; min market cap: US$50m)

  1. Ancom: US$2.7 million (ANC MK — US$168 million)

  2. Thoresen Thai Agencies: US$2.4 million (TTA TB — US$547 million)

  3. Sabuy Technology: US$2.0 million (SABUY TB — US$525 million)

  4. Zhongyu Gas: US$1.9 million (3633 HK — US$2.8 billion)

  5. Fatima Fertilizer: US$1.1 million (FATIMA PA — US$400 million)

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(listening time)

  • Third Point’s Dan Loeb on his career and how he’s investing today (1:04 hours)

  • George Magnus explains what China’s “common prosperity” means (31 mins)

  • Little Red Podcast on Xi Jinping’s newly released “third resolution” (51 mins)

  • Oil expert Daniel Yergin on the long-term energy transition (39 mins)

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