Face masks during COVID-19 caused a mix shift from colour cosmetics to skincare. That trend could eventually reverse. Estimated reading time: 19 minutes

January 2023

Kaspi, Xero, Rakuten, Carsales.com, Geo Energy Resources, Duratec
A belated shift to Chinese consumer bets. US Dollar weakness continues to be a tailwind. Estimated reading time: 21 minutes
Special post on the investable universe of Taiwanese stocks. Estimated reading time: 12 minutes
Haw Par Corporation, HFDC Bank, The Lottery Corporation, Fairfax India, Anycolor
COVID-19 restrictions have largely gone away and the borders have re-opened. Estimated reading time: 16 minutes
Planned for Sunday 22 January 2023. Estimated watching time: 45 minutes
And regulation has been a major driver of growth. Estimated reading time: 13 minutes
Deep-dive 2023-1, Nippon Ichi Software, anime stocks
Deep-dive 2023-1Watch now (7 min) | Chinese social media company at a COVID-19 inflection point
Online streaming services are creating new demand for anime. Estimated reading time: 15 minutes
Magellan Financial Group, December 2022 portfolio review, China's border reopening