Its been coming up as a fund holding in my fund posts and will include your post in my Monday links... The ratings downgrades are a concern - I have not looked close enough into their debt-cash situation though... I think its going to take awhile for Chinese tourists to come back to Cambodia plus they need to make it safer there (Sihanoukville has always been a bit rough....) for Chinese (e.g. the stories you hear about human trafficking of young Chinese to work in scam call centers and the like)...

To me, Galaxy seems like the best positioned Casino stock in Asia: https://emergingmarketskeptic.substack.com/p/galaxy-entertainment-macau-best-casino-stock/comments

Oh there is also a Korean Casino stock with a monopoly in Korea (locals I think are allowed into some of their opts) - same problem: Waiting for the foreign tourists to return...

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ha - you picked a fun one Michael. Lots of landmines on this one. Beijing crackdown. unclear regulatory environment. plenty of negative reviews about "adult" activities that are transacted in the lobby/restaurants. Have picked this stock up a few time in the past but always put it back down.

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