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Dear Michael

Thank you for all the work you do and for writing about Boustead Singapore. I am an individual investor holding Boustead Projects shares. Having read the announcements over the past 2 or 3 months since shares have stopped trading on the SGX since Boustead Singapore's Voluntary Unconditional Offer, I am seeking clarity on what potential action(s), if any, I need to take going forward:

a) if Boustead Singapore's Voluntary Unconditional Offer succeeds

b) if Boustead Singapore's Voluntary Unconditional Offer does not succeed

For a), do you know whether my Boustead Projects position would be automatically closed out with the cash value of my shares deposited to my account ? Or will I need to take action to ensure this happens (so I don't end up with zero shares and zero cash) ?

For b), I assume that I would retain ownership of my shares in my brokerage account. Is this correct?

I would be most grateful for your advice on the above since I felt that the announcements were not easy to understand. I look forward to your reply.

Best regards


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great take, thank you!

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Do you think with the rise of digital AI , the geospatial business will be challenged?

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Michael, thank you for the informative presentation on a company and founder I've always liked. For the last column on p41 of the ppt - need to check that exchange rate perhaps? Doesnt change the big picture, esp if they do manage to take out BPL at discount - thanks for flagging

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