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Looks there was a shift in government, however a pre budget 2022 statement was released and things are looking good.

33. The Government is committed in addressing the issue of revenue leakages,

especially involving the smuggling of high-duty goods estimated at

RM5 billion. As such, the Multi-Agency Working Group, chaired by the Ministry of

Finance to formulate strategies to curb smuggling activities, has been further

strengthened by the participation of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and

the National Financial Crime Prevention Centre.

34. The Government has also implemented measures to tighten controls on

licensing and importation of cigarettes and tobacco products by freezing the issuance

of new cigarette import licences, tightening the renewal of cigarette import licences

through the imposition of import quotas, restricting cigarette transhipment activities at

selected ports, and making cigarettes and tobacco products a dutiable item at all DutyFree Islands.


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