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Best Mart 360 (2360 HK)

Fast-growing Hong Kong discount retailer at 8.1x P/E and 10.6% dividend yield

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Best Mart 360 (2360 HK - US$235 million) is a Hong Kong retailer of leisure food with 170 outlets in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China. I first heard about the stock from Twitter user “Arena Man Capital” here.

You can think of Best Mart as a mix between a supermarket and a convenience store. It offers most other food, beverage and household products you might need, including grains, confectionaries, snacks, bakery products, wine, dried fruits, nuts, shampoos, etc.

The name “Best Mart 360°” refers to the company’s drive to offer the best quality at the best prices. And on my numbers, Best Mart 360 is significantly cheaper than the competition.

For example, 500 grams of almonds cost only HK$49 compared to about HK$70-80 at ParknShop and Wellcome. A Toblerone costs only HK$10 compared to HK$16-20 at local supermarkets.

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