Interview with Herald van der Linde

Chief Asia Equity Strategist at HSBC. Listening time: 31 minutes, estimated reading time: 22 minutes.


I had the pleasure of interviewing Herald van der Linde, Chief Asia Equity Strategist at HSBC who has worked in the region for over three decades.

In the interview I ask him about:

  • His background and what he does today

  • Common misperceptions

  • The question of business quality vs P/E ratios

  • Whether reported GDP growth is important

  • Countries with great conditions for entrepreneurship

  • His thoughts on the pace of Indonesian reforms

  • Which sectors in China that could lead the next bull market

  • His bullishness about Bangladesh

Herald recently published a new book called Asia’s Stock Markets from the Ground Up. It’s a practical guide for Asia’s stock markets, providing the reader with historical context and understanding of how these markets look like today. It’s written in easy-to-understand language that’s accessible to anyone - regardless of whether you have any experience investing in the region or not. You can find the book on Amazon here. The proceeds of the book go to charity.

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